Why There is a Need of Staffing

I wonder how some companies are capable of taking big leap in their business and others don’t. This article will make you think in a very different manner about what do really mean by great staffing and what you’re trying to achieve from it? One famous saying state that “People are the most important asset for any growing company” turns out to be wrong as because it is not “the people”, “the right people who are the most important assets for any growing company”. With this simple quote I would like to make you understand, what it takes to turn a company from good to ever lasting greatness? What was that which took these firms far beyond their nearest competitors? Was it a market conditions? Was it a technology that played important role? The answer is none of the above; the answer was great Staff. And in order to become great, some of our closely held assumptions about staffing need to be challenged.

How to build a great staff? The answer defies nearly every process, structure, and technology built into the staffing function today: The executives, with the help of right staff, can transform a company from good to great only by getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then plan accordingly as to where to drive it.

Many of the great firms don’t spent much time in finding the best staff; instead, they attempted to “introduce a long chain of talent” into their organizations, most of the time without a job in mind. The concept of the “opportunity hire” seems lost in this age of judgment testing, skills-based profiles and pre-screening. A key part of the “get the right staff on the bus” approach is not selling a set vision to potential candidates. Great staffing might be a much different endeavor from what many of us have come to believe.

But truly great staffing means imagining about how to get the absolute best people on the bus. It means occasionally hiring someone great who isn’t an exact fit for one of your current openings. It means mining your relationships in search of great people, not just great resumes. And it requires a radical focus on measuring and improving quality. Good to Great is a must-read for any staffing professional who aspires to greatness. Great staffing can lead any company towards profitable path.