Staffing Software for Day Labor – Priceless!

No business can be all things to all people. Staffing firms offer a wide variety of services to clients, but what makes a firm unique is the ability to focus on specific services and do it well. It is crucial that your staffing software provider understands the needs of your service and offers staffing software tools that are designed for your company to succeed.

Let’s look at a niche market like day labor. With an industry such as this, time is everything. Your clients expect you to find talent quickly and have them at the job site fast. Being able to manage job orders, efficiently assign employees, and print work tickets will lend to your staffing success. Staffing software can help greatly with this process.

So what does it take to succeed?

For a staffing firm that provides day labor, everyday can be quite hectic. You receive many jobs orders that need to be filled fast and you have dozens of potential workers in your gallery waiting to be assigned. This is where your staffing software comes in.

Imagine having a tool that will allow employees to “check in”, and provide your recruiters a way to view available workers waiting to be staffed. Recruiters can review the requirements of the order, assess the available workers and then “drag and drop” those employees to a job order to assign them. Next, they print an individual or group work ticket that employees take to the job. Later, if you do daily pay, a check is waiting for employees to pick up or you can electronically deposit money to their pay card. Priceless!

Doing what it takes

Will payroll need to be done daily, weekly or both? Make sure that your chosen software can accommodate the pay periods that you and your clients need.

A fully integrated front and back office staffing software solution will improve your overall customer and employee experience. Staffing software will:

• Allow you to invoice
• Pay temps and internal staff / produce all government reporting such as quarterlies & W2’s
• Track and manage Accounts Receivable / facilitate collections and reporting for your bank
• Pay vendors (garnishments, your office bills, etc.)
• Get sales analysis reporting for “real-time” sales and gross margin information for planning
• Produce financial statements at the touch of a button

Not only will such a software solution save you time, but it can take you from being “just another staffing company” to one that meets and exceeds all of your clients’ expectations.