Picking Out a Good Staffing Partner Can Pay You – In the Long Run

One of the biggest decisions for any company is to decide on which staffing service to select. The very existence of a business depends on the kind of employees it hires and the skill-sets they bring along with them.

Partnering with a reputed staffing services company to handle a company’s staffing and recruitment needs can make all the difference. The task of picking out a good staffing solutions provider can become a lot easier if a few things are kept in mind before narrowing down to a preference:

  • Explore and contact a minimum of three staffing services. Go through their websites and request for background information. Review what each has to offer. Evaluate their services and attributes and see whether they can customize solutions to match-up to your business expectations.
  • Determine if the staffing company has multiple locations. It makes better sense to hire a company that has its offices in different geographical locations because they would be more knowledgeable about the local market.
  • Ensure that the staffing company is financially secure. Take into consideration the number of years the company has been in the business. Check out their involvement in community participation such as local organizations. It will help to gauge how committed they are to the business.
  • Request for testimonials and references. If the company is of repute, it will quickly provide a list of its clients who would be willing to discuss their personal experiences with the staffing services.
  • Establish the requirement of service levels. Determine the number of people required for the project or program. Foresee whether a permanent or a temporary staffing solution is feasible. Check out if the staffing company is in a position to meet your present and future needs.
  • Ask about their recruitment procedure. What recruiting methods are used by them on a local, regional and national level? Do they have some sort of a network?
  • Get to know how employees are matched to the job. Get an understanding of how the staffing company matches a person’s skills and personality when placing him/her on an assignment to get a productivity output.
  • Scrutinize the employee screening process. Is their screening method lax or stringent? Does the company undertake reference-checks? A trustworthy company will authenticate an employee’s claims.
  • Don’t get fooled by the low pricing. Price is hardly an indicator to the services been offered. Exercise prudence when selecting staffing services so that your actual savings are not overshadowed by a long-term loss in productivity.

Although picking out a good staffing company may sound like a lengthy business, in the long run it will spell good news for your business if you do your home work right instead of regretting at a later date.