Types of Staffing Services

Staffing is said to be one of the most critical functions of a manager. It includes various other activities such as:

  • Considering outsourcing to hire outside expertise
  • Determining what human resources are needed in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities regarding specified roles, jobs and tasks
  • Recruiting the required human resources (sourcing, placing ads, etc.)
  • Selecting candidates
  • Screening job candidates
  • Equipping new hires via training, assignments, and facilities

Staffing should be carried out carefully as per designed and approved personnel policies in the workplace. There are different types of staffing services offered by staffing firms, among them are:

Temporary Staffing Service

By the name itself it suggest that, temporary staffing is nothing but to meet short-term needs of employing organizations. It helps business firms fill in for positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in appending the existing staff during times of heavy work pressure. It also enables companies to reach their working challenges with minimum use of human resource overheads and avoiding lengthy recruiting and assessment processes. The immense cost savings involved in temporary staffing makes it an attractive substitute to permanent employment.

Long-term Staffing / Project Staffing Service

Long-term staffing services covers directing employees in long-term appointment, where there’s no specific period of time involved. Long-term staffing services requirement is commonly observed in the professional and technical fields, where candidates are required depending on a project-to-project. It makes more sense and more profit to companies who hire their candidates on a project basis than on a permanent basis.

Temporary-to-Permanent / Contract-to-Hire Staffing Service

This type of staffing service is a mixture of both temporary staffing and permanent staffing. The temporary-to-permanent staffing service allows a client company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements, the company may then take the employee onto their payrolls. Temporary-to-Permanent staffing service provides company a safe substitute to permanent hiring and also helps the company to severely judge the potentialities and managerial skills of the employee in concern.

Most of the staffing companies offer all these types of staffing services. There are even specialist agencies that offer other staffing services along with those mentioned above.

Why IT Staffing Is Easier With a Recruiter

You have a lot to do when it comes to IT staffing. When you have to hire one or more people, it’s going to slow down your entire HR department. Whether it’s just you or a whole team of people, everyone’s work is going to shift as you need to find people. You will be flooded with emails and calls about the open positions and a considerable amount of your mail coming in every day will be resumes. Working with a recruiter can make the process a lot easier.

There are various tasks that are going to consume the HR department, including:

  • Posting ads
  • Answering questions about the position
  • Collecting resumes
  • Sorting through qualifications
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Running background checks

The list of tasks that need to be performed for IT staffing can result in hundreds of hours’ worth of work. You don’t have time for this. Especially if it’s just you, even if you could dedicate 40 hours a week to the job search, it could end up taking you months to find someone.

By working with a recruiter, you are able to hand off the responsibility to someone else. They already have ads posted, they are experts at sorting through qualifications, and can make short work of preliminary interviews. You only have to become involved once you have a few final people’s resumes cross over your desk.

A recruiter already knows what your company needs. They have done their research and talked to you to find out who will and will not work based upon the overall environment and work culture that you have developed. This is an important aspect to IT staffing and one that you may not be objective at determining – and that’s why a recruiter can be the easier solution.

Sometimes you have to look at how a person can work within the company and you can’t do this because you are already in the company. By having someone who is on the outside looking in, they can identify the features that will make a person successful where you will not. Since you want the person to do well within the position, it’s important to have this outside view – and a recruiter can be hired to do this for you.

IT staffing does not have to be a time consuming task. However, staffing does have to be done sooner rather than later because you cannot leave a position open for too long. The easiest solution is to hire a recruiter so that you can save yourself a lot of time.

There is a cost to hiring a recruiter, but the time they save you and the stress that is reduced can be worth every penny. The added bonus is that you get someone into the position that you know will work well so you don’t have to worry about high turnover rates.

4 Steps to Faster Engineering Staffing in Your Company

Engineering staffing is not something that you can wait on within your company. If you have openings, you need them filled as quickly as possible. The longer you keep positions open, the longer work is going to pile up – and land on the desks of your other employees. If you don’t want to upset your other employees, you need to fill the open positions quickly – otherwise you may be filling even more positions.

There are four steps to faster engineering staffing – and this can be your ticket to maintaining a smoother operation from day-to-day.

Step 1 – Contact a Recruiter

In most instances, engineering staffing starts with placing ads throughout the Internet and in the paper. If you want faster staffing, the first step is contacting a recruiter. You can find an engineering recruiter that is already positioned within the industry and can help you find qualified individuals in a short period of time.

The recruiter is going to do a majority of the work for you. They are going to place ads, collect the resumes, dig through the resumes, and even set a preliminary interviews as well as background checks. This means that all you have to do is contact the recruiter, let them know what positions you need filled, and let them do their thing.

Step 2 – Get Updates

It’s important to get updates on your engineering staffing. The recruiters are going to check in with you on a daily or weekly basis to let you know how the job search is coming. They will be able to tell you about how many resumes they have, how many candidates they have lined up for you, and even ask you about additional questions – such as what kinds of characteristics you are looking for the person to have or if there is a specific degree that you want a person to have.

These updates can tell you what you need to know as far as when will be able to anticipate having the open positions filled.

Step 3 – Final Interviews

Within a few days, you will have final interviews for engineering staffing. These candidates have already been screened by the recruiter and they are the best of the best. Essentially, any of these candidates will be ready to hire but you can conduct a final interview to determine which one gets the job.

During the final interview, you can focus on how they will work within the job and how they will get along with others. You don’t need to concern yourself about the education and experience because the recruiter has already touched on these topics.

Step 4 – Make Your Hire

You’ve gotten your candidates. You’ve done your interviews. Now you’re ready to make the final decision and choose someone for the job. This is the easiest part – and it can all be done in a matter of a week because you’ve got a recruiter working for you, helping you speed up the process of engineering staffing for your company.